Study Skills: Unleashing the Study Ninja Within

Study skills are the bane of every student’s existence! Have you ever found yourself staring blankly at textbooks and struggling to make sense of them all? Don’t despair; today, I am here to share my journey in developing study skills and the strategies that have made me an efficient student.

So, grab yourself a cup of water, coffee (or tea if that’s more your speed) and let’s dive right in!


Oh, those glory days of high school when I had perfected procrastination! Convincing myself that working better under pressure was just another lie to justify my last-minute cramming sessions, but once college and university arrived, it all changed abruptly.

When exam week arrived, panic set in. I’m sitting in the library, surrounded by piles of books, with sweat dripping down my forehead. At that moment, I noticed one of my classmates flipping through notes without seeming to be bothered by the impending disaster awaiting the arrival of finals. I admit I was curious and slightly envious; I approached her to ask for advice. Thank goodness I did – the advice she gave me helped tremendously, and I would even dare to say it saved my academic career!

My Impromptu Study Skills Boot Camp:

My study mentor, Val, took me under her wing and taught me a new world of study skills. She stressed the importance of planning and organization by encouraging me to break my material into manageable chunks.

Wow, that concept proved transformative; no longer was I lost in an ocean of information. Now I could detect a clear road map of what needed to be accomplished.

Pomodoro Technique Has Power: Pomodore technique for study skills

Val introduced me to the Pomodoro Technique, an innovative time management method which greatly increased my productivity.

By setting a timer for 25 minutes and focusing solely on my task, I discovered an unprecedented sense of discipline and laser-like focus that seriously increased my productivity.

At the end of each session, I treated myself to a short break which kept me motivated and energized throughout the process. (Okay, the break may have included a ginger ale.)


Let’s Talk Note-taking for Study Skills:

In the past, my notes were an unorganized mess of random thoughts and indecipherable scribbles; Val helped me see the light by teaching me practical note-taking techniques utilizing bullet points, colour-coded headings, and visual aids to organize my thoughts so it was easier for me to review and recall information later.

Eventually, my notes transformed into vibrant masterpieces of knowledge!

Finding Your Study Skills Oasis:

In my journey, I learned the importance of finding an ideal environment for study. While some thrive in absolute silence, others require background noise to concentrate effectively. Personally, classical music or instrumental guitar proved particularly helpful for getting me in my study zone and staying there.

I encourage you to experiment with various environments until you discover one that works for you! Science has proven classical or Baroque music aligns more with your brain’s natural rhythms and thus helps you focus.

Combating Procrastination: Strategies for Overcoming it

Procrastination is the enemy of productivity, and I was once its victim. However, armed with newfound study skill techniques, I devised strategies to combat its seductive charm – such as identifying my triggers, setting realistic goals, and rewarding myself for accomplishing tasks – eventually overpowering procrastination and taking back my control.

Acceptance of the Growth Mindset:

At my core lies an invaluable lesson I have learned: adopting a growth mindset. Instead of dwelling on failure or setbacks (many of us can relate) as causes for discouragement or disappointment, I began seeing failure and setbacks as opportunities for personal development; every setback could become an opportunity to grow and make strides forward.

This shift changed my attitude toward studying while giving me the fuel to keep pushing forward. Studying is a process; you got this!

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