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Your path to an Innovative Educational Experience starts here.


How to enroll in UP Academy

UP Academy employs a rolling admissions policy.
This means students can enroll at anytime during the year. 


1. Fill out our online application

Complete our online application and hit “Submit”

2. Let’s build the future together

You will be assigned an advisor who will set up a meeting to discuss your child’s unique needs and discuss your dreams and wishes for their future self. It is here that we will require past report cards to ascertain their starting point.

3. We’ll look at your transcripts and records

In addition to the required core courses, we will go through our elective studies options and build out your child’s personalized success plan.
(This can be done during the Step two meeting)

4. Pay Tuition


5. Begin the UP Academy Experience

Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House: To understand our philosophy of educating children and our unique approach, access our virtual open house and book a private tour and consultation.