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Top 6 Reasons to Consider UP Academy for your Child

1. Strategy

We get it! Not all children learn the same. Individualized education plans are a crucial component of our programs. UP Academy is committed to holistic education. We develop future leaders with global vision, moral character, intellectual ability and deep compassion for humanity.

2. Independent

We do not accept government funding and are therefore free to use the Alberta curriculum as our minimum standard and pull from some of the best curriculums in the world. All parents register as home school parents and enjoy that flexibility. By not using government funding, we have the freedom to work, think and create frameworks outside the box, creating a new system of education. We ensure that regulations and limitations do not impede authentic learning.

3. Mastering Material

Students master material before moving on. All students have individualized programs and work at their own pace for mastery of skills. Because there are no “classes” per se, students are not held to the class’s speed, nor are they pushed ahead before they have mastered a concept.

4. People

We accept our students not based on IQ scores but on personality, passion, their desire to learn, and their willingness to make a positive, significant difference in themselves and the world around them. Our instructional team is hand- picked. Teachers do not teach a subject; they teach their passion.

5. Leverage

Leveraging mindsets into positive experiences allow our students to overcome obstacles and conquer learning blocks. Students are most often more brilliant than they think they are. We encourage our students to create some of their own topics of study. Framing up some of their courses gives, even our little ones, more control over their ever-expanding minds.

6. Excellence

Excellence comes in many colours and many levels and means; everyone must be held accountable; students, instructional staff, and parents are all responsible to each other. Our parents are actively involved in their child’s education and support all those who nurture their child’s curiosity and academic excellence.

Top 6 Reasons to Consider UP Academy for your Child