5 Reasons to Place Your Child in a Brand New Educational Campus

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5 Reasons by By C Hoppe

I came across this interesting article on why parents would consider placing their children in a brand new school. Since we have been speaking with parents about opening our very own school, I thought this article was quite timely.

When it comes to the education of your child, there are many choices out there. You can place your child in your local community school, choose a religious alternative school, or select from the many private school options.

There are some brand new private schools coming on the market. Some parents may feel registering their child in a brand new educational campus to be risky. After all, there are no year-end reviews from parents, no exam results and certainly no proven track record or long lineage of famous people attending. Is there an advantage to getting onboard early?  Apparently, there is. Read the five reasons by C Hoppe

New Resources and Equipment

Retrofitting an old building with new technology and/or supplying new resources for an entire school can be both difficult and prohibitively expensive for many established schools.

New schools however, have a clear competitive edge. They need to attract a whole school full of students and what better way of doing that than including a slew of modern technologies and top-end resources.

#2 New Schools Are Designed With Modern Pedagogy In Mind

It’s safe to say, the last few decades have seen teaching practice change beyond all recognition. Gone are the days when learning was static and entirely classroom based.

Today’s modern schools create inventive break-out areas, school gardens, classroom device integration, water-play stations and sensory play areas.

#3 New Schools Have Inspired Teachers & Lots of Them!

Staff and teachers in a new school are almost always out to ‘make’ their school a success. They’re more often than not, driven, motivated and empowered.

There’s also the likelihood for the first few years at least, your child’s class won’t be full, meaning you’ll not only have a really motivated teacher, but they’ll have a lots of time to spend with your child.

#4 New Schools Create Their Own Attitude and Ethos

With no tradition and/or established culture, new schools can focus on creating their very own niche in today’s world.

The absence of cliques and established ethos means parents, teachers and students simply get on with creating their own unique community and culture. And the best bit? You and your child/children will be an integral part!

#5 New Schools Have Great Fee Deals

Of course, no discussion on new schools is complete without covering the exceptional deals to be had at almost all newly launched schools. Founder’s discounts, frozen fees, sibling discounts and more are all up for grabs at your brand-new school.

Access the original article: https://bit.ly/2Kk1Fzu

Lani Donaldson is the President and CEO of The Engaged Educators and creator of, The NAS Project, a brand new, out of the box, educational concept whose time has come: an educational campus, offering individualized programming for every child, low pupil teacher ratios and one that does not rely on tax payers for funding. A private educational campus which is truly private. (Now there’s a concept) There are major advantages to getting in on the ground floor. For more information: Engaged Educators – NAS