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Our Assessment Center

Free Services:

Reading Screens: Offering free, no obligation reading screens for all individuals. Find out your child’s reading level and, in addition, determine if they fit a dyslexic profile.  

Psychologist Referrals: We know understanding your child’s education skills is often overwhelming and looking for a psychologist can be even more so.  We offer our parents referrals to psychologists who we know personally and ones we have worked with for years.

For Fee Services:

Executive Functioning Testing: Executive functions are those non-academic skills that drive academic success. Understanding how your child learns is crucial to their success in school.  (See our study skills program designed around executive functioning skills.)

In-depth Reading Assessments: Comprehensive and reliable, in-depth reading assessments that measure eight sub-skills of reading: 

  • high-frequency words
  • word recognition 
  • phonics
  • phonemic awareness
  • oral vocabulary
  • spelling 
  • reading comprehension 
  • fluency

Math Assessments:  Are there key skill areas in mathematics where your child has skill gaps? 

We offer a comprehensive, diagnostic assessment of math skills. This test thoroughly assesses a student’s complete mathematical understanding including a concrete picture of strengths and weaknesses.

Strands tested include: 

1) Numbers & Operations

2) Algebra 

3) Geometry

4) Data Analysis

5) Measurement