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Get Back to School
on Your Own Terms

It’s time to challenge, confront and question what it means to get a great education.

Potential is everywhere.

Liberate your imagination and choose the UP Academy program that suits you the best.

Advance in academics with individualized programming.


Who We Are

Founded in 2017, UP Academy is a private, 100% independent school serving motivated students who fall through the cracks, feel they do not fit in the public system or simply want to accelerate their learning. 

We offer a more focused approach to learning where each child benefits from a personalized learning program.

Students learn in a diverse number of ways. Up Academy considers these differences in all programming by meeting kids at their skill level and taking them to where they need to go in the way that serves them best.

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Who Thrives Here

Students, and their parents, looking for a better educational experience
UP Academy’s diverse, innovative and flexible programming helps our varied student body grow and excel academically and personally, enabling students to adapt their schedules to outside interests.

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Our comprehensive curriculum fosters curiosity and is a guiding blueprint for our student’s learning and development goals.

Why Choose UP Academy

We offer our diverse student body a broad-based curriculum that allows for each student’s academically designed program to ensure academic and personal growth and mastery.

The Top 6 Reasons to Choose UP Academy

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Let’s Get Started

Contact Us today if you are a parent looking for a better educational experience for their child.

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