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Get Back to School
on Your Own Terms

It’s time to challenge, confront and question what it means to get a great education.

Potential is everywhere.

Liberate your imagination and choose the UP Academy program that suits you the best.
Advance in academics with individualized programming.

Who is UP Academy designed for?

•Students who feel they don’t necessarily fit in the regular school system.

•Students who have learning challenges such as dyslexia.

•Students who exhibit mature behaviour and respect others.

•Parents who want a better educational experience for their children.

What makes us different?

At UP Academy Private School, we offer every student an individualized program. Every student can work at their own pace. Students are not held back to the speed of a class, nor are they pushed ahead before they have mastered a concept.

We use Alberta Curriculum as an absolute minimum standard and then choose from some of the best curriculums worldwide.

Our parents are required to register as homeschoolers giving both families and our programs the flexibility to choose individualized programming. 

Get the very BEST EDUCATION for your child with UP ACADEMY PRIVATE SCHOOL.

We struggled for years (8) with our daughter, teachers, tutors and special classes. After 10 weeks it’s as if there never had been a disability. Lani and her team have exceeded our expectations.
– Cathie G.

You have literally changed the course of both our daughters’ and our family’s lives. Everyone was so nice and accommodating and the fact that you feel wanted, a genuine desire to help children (and adults) be better at who they are, is so cool. Thank you!  
– Kelly A

It has been said, “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you are the world.” This quote pretty much sums up what you and your team have been for our son and for our family.  
– Jennifer P


At Engaged Educators and UP Academy, we are committed to living S.I.M.P.L.E.!



Creating a platform for success for our students, families and staff.

Focusing on solutions and creatively adapting to the ever-changing landscape of teaching and learning.


Being guided by a strong moral compass driven by the four directions of :
Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Results


We arrive each day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work. We challenge the status quo and look for new and innovative ways to grow our programs, concepts and campus.
Purposeful Communication

Purposeful Communication

We always listen with the intent to understand and communicate purposefully and clearly with our students, families, and staff.


We have the courage to shape a better future for our students and our world by transforming the education system through reflection and bold action.


With instructional excellence as the foundation for all we do, we achieve the extraordinary and have fun doing it!