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Who Thrives Here?

At UP Academy, we cater to a diverse group of learners:

Students who feel they don’t necessarily fit in the regular school system

Some students think they don’t belong in their current educational construct. Whether you feel that way because of learning gaps, social awkwardness or boredom, UP Academy has a place for you. Individualized programming levels the playing field and allows all students to be themselves.

Students who have learning challenges such as dyslexia

Dyslexic students are perfectly bright; they struggle with language. We can fix that!

Many of our programs were designed specifically for people with dyslexia. We teach people with dyslexia the fundamentals they require and challenge them to think critically and open themselves to a world without learning boundaries.

Students who exhibit mature behaviour and respect others

Respect for yourself and others is a cornerstone of UP Academy. Given the nature of our programs (especially in the high school grades 9-12), students must exhibit maturity.

Students Requiring a More Flexible Schedule

Students who are in demanding extracurriculars, Olympic skills training, Performing Arts, Ex-pats or Families travelling abroad all require the flexibility of scheduling. We are here to make that happen.

Parents who want a better educational experience for their children

As our head administrator, L. Donaldson, stated, “If there is one thing obvious to me, it is children are not sweat socks; one size does not fit all.” Mass education is challenging because children are not given an individualized or scaled curriculum. Instead, they are held to the speed of the class. An inflexible schedule means students who fall behind are pushed ahead before they master critical skills. Students with advanced skills cannot quickly move forward to different grade challenges.

Students who want to accelerate their learning

Motivated, academically talented students who thrive in challenging environments excel in our accelerated academic track programs. Students who are fifteen years of age or older can access university-level courses if they have the required prerequisites. We encourage our students to discover, explore and grow at their own pace. Throughout this track, students develop intrinsic motivation to achieve success.