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Our flagship, scientifically researched, reading program uses norm referenced testing and guarantees a one grade increase in reading in 20 hours of instruction.

student and teacher reading one on one

One-on-One Reading – Our Flag Ship Reading Program

UP Academy’s updated, rewritten and redesigned instructional processes and materials are based on thirty years of scientific research in understanding the reading process. Our comprehensive one-on-one reading program allows us to actually speed up the learning process by teaching in a manner designed to capitalize on the way the human brain actually wants to learn information. Many of our clients see results almost immediately.

Our unique one-on-one reading program is second to none and to prove it, we guarantee to increase our student’s reading skills by at least one grade level in only 20 hours of instruction. In fact, our average rate of increase is now a 3.4-grade increase in 20 hours of instruction.

UP Academy:

  • helps students fill those educational gaps.
  • supports students who are falling through the cracks or simply not grasping fundamental learning concepts.
  • specializes in Dyslexia and other minor learning challenges.
  • assists students who feel they don’t necessarily fit into the regular school system.
  • meets every child at their skill level and takes them to where they need to go.

One-on-One Reading
tailored to help you and your child navigate learning.

Ages 6 – 96

20 hours instruction

– $2,600 paid in 5 monthly installments of $520
– $2,500 paid in 2 installments of $1,250
– $2,400 if paid in full

In addition to our reading assessments, we also provide a number of supplementary
one-on-one learning programs:

and Grammar

A common frustration for both parents and teachers is the brevity of our students’ writing. We know they’re capable – so why are they writing just three sentences and saying they’re done? We encourage them to write more – and they tell us, “I don’t know what else to say.” How can we teach them to be independent writers who expand their stories or essays without our help?

You start here with….engaged in writing.

Grades 3 – 12

10 hours instructions- $1,250

Study Skills

The brain is a fascinating operations center and every day new scientific studies reveal incredible ways in which it operates. If we can harness the brain’s access to memory and its ability to process information then we can utilize the power of accelerated and effective study techniques. In order to take advantage of our brain’s abilities and increase our capacity to learn we must first know about and then master five critical skill areas.

Our one-on-one study skills program is specifically tailored to the individual student, giving the student ultimate control over how they access, process and retain information.

Study skills can also help with homeschooling.

Grades 7- 12

7 hours instructions- $1,225

Basic Math

Many young students experience information overload with the way math is taught. Students are bombarded with so many algorithms to solve the same problem they become confused. Students often end up not understanding any one algorithm in depth and thus, simply become cognitively confused. With confusion comes the dislike of mathematics. Math should be fun and engaging.

Our one on one math program starts at the basics and helps students master the basic skills required to learn and master more complex mathematical applications.

Grades 1- 6

10 hours instructions- $1,250

Comprehension & Vocabulary

Proficient readers use a set of comprehension strategies to put meaning to text. In this program, you will be exposed to seven strategies to do just that. Our instruction in comprehension strategy helps students become active, focused readers in control of their comprehension. Did you know, 70% of comprehension is vocabulary?

This program is available for both elementary and high school students.

Grades 3 – 12

10 hours instruction $1,750

Critical Thinking Skills

Many people today experience what is known as information overload. Messages everywhere bombard us to the point where we do not know what to believe. Separating fact from fiction is a challenge.

Critical thinking is the skill required to give you the ability to clearly understand and work your way through these problems. This skill allows you to be able to decipher, in a logical way, the compelling answer to make logical decisions.

Grades 6 – 12

5 hours instruction $750

Essay Writing

The foundation of any good essay is the thesis statement. There are a number of characteristics or qualities to be considered when writing a great essay each of which play a critical role. Four steps to consider:

  1. Before you start writing, know what you are going to write about
  2. Ensure you have a solid understanding of basic grammar, punctuation, and style
  3. Make sure you use the right vocabulary and your words mean what your intention is
  4. Understand your argument and analyze the evidence

Grades 7 – 12

10 hours instruction $1,300