Are We Really Surprised?

Last week, Alberta’s Auditor General, Merwan Saher announced, 2.7 billion of tax payer’s money had been spent on a failed attempt at lowering class sizes.

Mr. Saher stated, “Albertans, and particularly parents, should be disappointed in that they have not had a full explanation of whether or not this investment of their money… made a difference.”

Flag on the Play!!

Seriously? Should we be disappointed?

Outraged might be a better choice of words.

Mr. Saher said, in his latest report, “the Education Department has not effectively overseen and directed the program.” Are we surprised a government department did not lay out process, procedure and accountability steps?

Until there is true accountability in government, this type of scenario will continue to play out. This is not to say, some school boards were not successful in lowering their class sizes, but unfortunately they are few in number.

If governments simply stopped “stupid spending” and lived within financial means, like the rest of us, we would have more efficient systems.