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Adaptive Learning is computerized programming for Reading and Math which allows students who are falling behind in these two vital skill areas to catch-up to their peers, keep up with them and then move ahead.

student and teacher have a session via zoom

Adaptive Learning Maximize Program

Adaptive learning combines state-of-the-art adaptive software that adjusts to each student’s needs at the precise moment they require it. When you pair this up with an academic coach, students can catch up, keep up and get ahead.

The Maximize Experience:

1. Assessment
We begin each student’s journey with an assessment that provides a reliable measure of a student’s ability and related instructional grade level in reading and math.

2. Assign
Our state-of-the-art software targets required priority skills and assigns an instructional pathway tailored to each student.

3. Adapt
Students’ progress through asynchronous lessons and achieve mastery of each prioritized skill. Then, the software will adapt and place them into the next priority sequence.

4. Analyze
As students work through their individualized program, the software tracks their data, giving teachers and academic coaches’ feedback about their engagement, progress, and achievement.

5. Act
Teachers and coaches can then utilize individual analysis to find where students are struggling with a lesson. They can then pull the student aside and provide further mini-lessons for each student or small group of students.

Adaptive Learning Technology for Math and Reading

Grades K – 12

Programs 100% parent supervised – $500 per course per semester
Programs facilitated by oureducational success coaches* – $750 per course per semester
*Our Academic Coaches Supervision option includes one on one check-ins and any required additional material.