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If you are the parent of a child with Dyslexia, or showing signs of dyslexic behavior, you’re in the right place!

dyslexia image of boy struggling with reading

Dyslexia is a Greek term meaning, “difficulty with language”. It is a learning challenge that can often create difficulties with an individual’s ability to spell, write, read and/or speak. Children who show signs of dyslexia are usually average to above average intelligence and hardworking, but they have trouble connecting letters and sounds.

child shows confusion with letters - dyslexia image

UP (aka Unlimited Potential) Academy has been working with dyslexic children for many years. We screen kids to determine if they’re showing signs of the learning challenge, and we then create an individual learning plan that caters to their unique educational needs. Does this mean we lower rigor and expectations – NO! Students cover off the same material and skill set mastery as students without the challenge, we simple teach it differently.

Individuals with Dyslexia are as intelligent as their peers; they tend to struggle because it takes them longer to process information. There is a technique in helping these kids achieve great things and we can help.

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