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General Programming

Students from K – 12 can choose from various education delivery options:  

  • Classical In-class instruction – full day school including blended programming
  • Online learning with a dedicated success coach (asynchronous programming allows students to choose their own pace – a great option for athletes, high level performers, travellers, etc.) The big difference is the dedicated success coach who meets via zoom once a week to encourage, provide feedback, discuss progress, areas of difficulty and strategies to improve or excel. Accountability built in!
  • Our newest option –a hybrid model. The best of both worlds!
        • A combination of in-class and at home learning
        • Dedicated success team
        • All lessons are provided via UP Academy
        • Students attend in-person learning 2 to 3 times a week

NOTE: Even though we require all our parents to register as homeschoolers, every student who wants an Alberta Education Diploma can challenge the course requirements via portfolios (we help develop and submit) and students must write the Alberta Education grade 12 diploma exams.

Course work – 70% of grade

Diploma Exam – 30% of grade