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Our online learning options provides complete flexibility for learners to engage with instructional material at their own pace, from anywhere, available at any time.

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Online Education and its role in today’s world of learning

Online education which has become very relevant in modern learning is instructed through the internet. Students are given the choice of completing their online courses by way of many electronic devices: laptop or desktop computers, tablets and even iphones.

Online education which, more so recently, has become the newly accepted and widespread way to learn as it provides a number of benefits for students looking for independent learning.

It is fine to choose whatever course you like; however, there needs to be consideration given prior to developing your online program as to your specific learning goals. Your program should be designed and developed with an emphasis with those in mind. Learning activities are also important to integrate within the course content to create motivation and a successful learning atmosphere.

Academic coaches assist the individual student with suggestions and feedback in regard to your projects and assignments. This coaching will increase your confidence and provide the encouragement for you to do your best work.

Benefits to online education

There are numerous advantages to online study, besides the fact you get to study in the comfortable atmosphere of your own space which is really convenient. These benefits include:

These benefits include:

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Flexibility & Learning at your own speed

UP Academy’s online program is designed to help students grow and excel both personally and academically, while maintaining a flexible schedule. This approach also enables students to adapt their schedules to accommodate outside interests. Additionally, due to our rolling enrollment, studies can begin at any time of the year.

Diversity of courses, both inspiring and challenging

Our diverse online course offerings are supported by academic coaches to ensure full understanding of the material. You can choose from a variety of core courses and a number of electives that may be of interest to you. Students who are maintaining excellent grades have the choice of enrolling in higher grade programs.

Better Time management, Self-discipline and Accountability

Online learning does include the benefit of flexibility in order to complete assignments at a convenient time, but you still need to be self-disciplined to manage your time to ensure the completion of your assignments by the deadlines. The student owns this responsibility so; as a result, students sharpen their time management skills, learn and practice accountability, in addition to gaining the knowledge from the program.

Improved Critical Thinking Skills

Online learning which requires a self-motivated, self-paced environment, presents the student with a number of decisions and challenges to consider. You have to organize both program materials and your day to include required studying time as well.
Your ability to think critically to overcome any obstacles that might show up will set you apart as a successful student.

Concentrate and participate with reduced stress

It is a known fact everyone is productive at different times of day, so online learning lets you work when your brain is most engaged. Many students have trouble concentrating or participating in crowded, noisy classrooms. Online learning allows you to focus in the quiet of your own home and, for more reserved students, to ask questions or suggest ideas, which helps to boost their confidence.