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Skills Mastery + Successful Habits
= Successful Students

Your junior high aged child will learn skills and have experiences that will benefit them.

Junior High Schooling

Engaged Educators’ blended programs, which combine face-to-face instruction combined with online curriculum, make it possible for educators to give their students the cutting-edge and adaptive learning technology they need to be well supported in their education. 

Our program solutions for core curriculum, test readiness, and targeted intervention helps students and educators the flexibility required to offer every student a personalized program built for the 21st century.

Engaging, direct, face-to-face instruction, computerized practice, videos and a mix of supported and independent practice keep students motivated as they learn and help them master skills so they can move on to more complex concepts. 

This process allows educators to quickly see how students are performing and if they could benefit from small-group or one-on-one instruction, thus limiting the gaps in learning experienced by some students.

The Power of Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning adjusts and reacts to your students’ behaviour and actions in real-time, giving them the targeted instruction and practice they need to both master standards and advance on to more complex concepts. And when students get the right amount and type of instruction, as well as practice with technology-enhanced items, you can be confident this success will extend to high-stakes exams as well.

Offering Targeted Intervention for Junior High School Students

UP Academy offers many one on one intervention programs that offer data-driven, differentiated instruction and practice in math and ELA. These programs can be used for remediation, intervention, reinforcement, or acceleration, ensuring students close gaps and are prepared to be successful in High School.

Core Programs

Health and Personal Life Skills
Social Studies
Physical Education


Kid-preneur (business) & Financial Literacy

All of our option programs have been selected to provide students with exposure to and experience with a range of disciplines that help to enhance and supplement the Core Program. The options provide students with opportunities to develop new skills, and to discover or further explore areas of passion and interest. These skills and experiences will benefit them both today and later in life.